About Us


Located in the heart of Bradford, we serve a wide area, and are expanding all the time.

We look at all enquiries on their own merits, and try not to say no if we can find a way to say yes!

The company has grown steadily through recommendations from happy customers, and we take great pleasure in providing a service to our loyal client base.

We are the first laundry company in the North of England to install innovative Ozone Wash Processes, which are the most environmentally friendly way of cleaning linen. This uses less chemicals and detergents, which is more friendly to the environment, yet gives a brighter and cleaner wash that you will really notice.

Linen rental is in itself recycling on a grand scale, and we try to minimise the use of plastics and packaging unless specifically requested, without compromising hygiene.

We pack according to customer requirements, and will deliver to wherever in the building you need the linen placed.

Since moving our laundry to Saif Linen Hire we have never looked back.   We changed from washing all our own linen in house in 2016, and as well as taking the stress away, moving to a linen rental service with Saif Linen  has given us a significant cost saving.  I can highly recommend them and would not use anyone else.  Sam the Office Manager always makes sure we are looked after.


Mark Lowther – Proprietor of Butlers and Boundary Hotels Leeds