You have a dedicated linen stock, and unlimited use of it.  We will do extra collections and deliveries if you need them at no additional cost.  Your staff do not need to count the dirty linen out or the clean linen in, meaning you save time and therefore money on managing the stock.  There are never any queries about charges because it never changes.

No, Saif Linen Hire provide all of the stock for you – you don`t need to buy it.

Normally we work on a rental agreement which can be over 12, 18 or 24 months.   We recover the cost of the stock through the laundering cost over the period of the agreement.

Yes we are totally flexible and you can amend quantities at any time – we adjust the price accordingly and agree it with you first

The price will not change for at least 12 months.  After that time we will write to you if we need to increase the price, and you can end the agreement if you want to without any penalty.  We would never just put the price up without any discussion.

We tailor a service to suit you.  All customers are different, and we take everything into account and agree something you are happy with.

Yes you can, but it is helpful if you tell us in advance so we are expecting it, and tell us if it needs special treatment.

Yes you can – we will just charge for your own items on a price per item basis if they are sent in to us.

Yes you can, we stock lots of different colours of table linen, and if we have enough notice we will purchase to order for you.  Prices available upon request

We service a wide area including Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cheshire, Greater Manchester.  Our sister company Saif Linen Loughborough covers a wider area including the midlands, down to London and South Wales.  We will consider any area if it is economically viable to travel there – each enquiry is handled on an individual basis.

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